Who's Winning?

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

I have to be honest. Most of the time I feel that I have the good end of the stick when it comes to relationships. Being single seems to be more fun than being married.

While I understand the power of Two versus One-I feel that things run a little more smoothly with my current unit of Me plus One kid.

Maybe I’m not quite ready? But how could I NOT be ready? I’ve had enough of the partying, drinking, coming and going as I please, not answering to anyone, late night and early mornings, personal freedom, spending as I choose and living in my personal space without someone getting on my nerves. Whew.

But maybe I haven’t met the person that I feel would change my mind.

There has been a few (Girl stop lying, only Two) that I could see adding to my fun versus abruptly shutting it down.

I know that relationships are partnerships but---I don’t want too much to change. Then I think about my son and how he deserves to have a Mom and Dad in the house. How different would his life be?

In the end I will do what keeps me happy, whatever that looks like for me. In the words of my friend-“If it brings me joy-Keep it. If it brings me pain-leave it.” And don’t get caught up in the “This is what your life should look like at this age bullsh$t.” (She didn’t curse, I added that part).

Don’t find yourself caught in the misery wheel that so many experience. Life is much too short. And Fun.

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