Constantly "pursuing" temporary pleasures could turn into permanent regret. In my case-my temporary pleasures were not intentional. Ha! Obviously I've tricked myself into thinking that temporary fun leads to a happy life. I mean-why else would I date unavailable men?

Unavailable as in career, emotionally detached from a relationship and/or sometimes family if they have a slew of kids.

I've dated doctors, surgeons, lawyers (not many-they tend to talk a lot), architects, engineers, CEO's, business owners and my favorite...athletes.

Most of the time, guys in these careers are super busy and or unavailable..and for many years I LOVED THIS.

Unfortunately, you end up being treated like crap if you don't set your standards in the beginning. Or you end up becoming a mistress and/or you are used at their disposal. You start to tell yourself that this is how life is and you must get through the bad in order to experience the good.

Ever now and again you meet a decent one but he doesn't meet your other requirements. Meaning he's not "your type" physically (UGLY).

For me-things became so bad that along the way that I started treating all men the way I have been treated in the past.

“So my fun became a burden until I accepted responsibility for my actions...”


Although I am not married yet.

It sounds crazy I know...but stick with me and I'll explain.

I will take you with me on my fun adventures, my hilarious encounters and anything in between.

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