Not Meant To Be

Some things are just not meant to be.

I’ve been vibing with this guy since Oct 2017 and here it is September 2018 and we’ve had a couple dates and talk on the phone minimally. It’s cool-we set the standards for our friendship early on as “just friends with no pressure.” At first, I wasn’t ok with this-but after thinking about it (for 5 minutes)-I decided it would ease some of the pressures of dating and allow us to be transparent and get to know the real people behind the “representative” we generally meet when dating.

Well-this guy and I would try to hook up and each time, something would get in the way. I started a new job that caused a non-flexible schedule and he works in Cincy but travels extensively.

Well not that the 2400 things prior to this past weekend wasn’t a sign-this past weekend I planned to see him in the city. Well… after I dropped off my son-my muffler fell off of my car. Could you believe that? My car has NEVER given me any problems.

Now how tf could I find someone at 11pm to fix a muffler? That was my sign to sit down! I didn’t want to tell him because I knew he would think I was spinning him again.

I could have called an uber once I got my car back home but the commute is at least 25/30 minutes from the city.

So when I say that the past month my job has consisted of-Webinars, In Person Meetings/Skype Meetings, Panel Discussions, Lecturers, Lunch & Learns, Purpose Talks, Empowerment Conferences, Master Classes, Strategy Seminars, All Hands Bootcamp, Networking Happy Hours, in Person Tours and Group Dinners…being busy is not an understatement. And the times he call-I am busy or getting prepared to prevent me rushing before a meeting.

In the evening-he is doing his job (A Sport…Lol) and it leaves less time for us to connect. I could go to the game and wait around but by the time he’s available it’s 11/midnight and guess what…I must be a good Mommy and prepare my son for the following day.

I will be less busy in the coming months and his schedule will allow more free time-let’s see if anything changes. I hope so-he’s a cutie.

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