He’s Flying Me Out For Dinner

Tonight I should have a Fun Date. Right now, I am on a plane from Cincinnati (1pm) and will be back tomorrow at 4pm.

I have two friends that I’ve known for years that fly me places just to hang out, try new restaurants and/or attend an event as their plus one.

This particular guy is pretty cool. I’ve known him for two years now and this is our fourth date. He’s an international pilot and he also has his own plane so each time we fly somewhere different. He is sure to plan a 5-star experience with a First Class flight, car service, dinner at an exclusive restaurant, etc.

I always leave my travel arrangements and his info with one of my friends (Sylvia this time). You know….just in case.

This was a spontaneous date (kind of) because I got my travel arrangements yesterday. He asked last week but then I didn’t hear any more about it. I gave him my available time on Thursday and Friday and that was it. My Aunt cares for my son when I leave so I asked her in advance to avoid a last-minute panic. Between his schedule and my schedule, this week was rather tight in time.

I picked up a volunteer task this morning (Thursday) at The Daily Bread Soup Kitchen down near Findlay Market and then I have tickets to the Halloween show at the Symphony for my son and I Friday evening. Both were previously planned so I did not cancel considering he was last minute.

I haven’t seen him in a while and he’s always pleasant, so I agreed to dinner. Which means that Wednesday I had to get my son a fresh haircut and pick out an outfit for us both for Friday. In addition to a dinner party that I agreed to for Wednesday and my hair appointment.

When they say “Stay Ready so you don’t have to Get Ready” this is why.

Everything else is good so I didn’t have too much to do, although I was tired from lack of sleep.

These dates are always cool because there is no pressure (besides looking and feeling comfortable) and the intent is for me to enjoy myself. Most of the time he’s talking about work so you just listen...... like a therapist, lol. I also enjoy these dates because it breaks up the foolery I sometimes experience in dating in my small city.

I’ll snap a few pictures and post on FB just for blogging purposes. Otherwise, after talking to my son I leave my phone in my purse.

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