So it happened. A connection. Who am I kidding...a strong connection. I can’t stop thinking about this person. I dream about him and I get excited with the mention of his name. And he feels the same way about me (The Angels Rejoice🙌🏽).

Good right?

Noooooooo! I was just getting good with my blog material!

This is a travesty! This is a Mary J. Blige album without the heartbreak😩.

Ok-the paragraph above was written a few months ago.

Today-December 19, 2018...I am back to square one.

What happened? Inconsistency, sneaky sh$t on his end and my inability to watch my tongue (Just to name a few things).

I ended up letting all of my guys go-I only had three (Hush)..and that was something that was necessary-not only because I was into dude. I have been dating for fun for so long that I no longer desired to date with the purpose of becoming married someday. After all, it seems less stressful and more fun to be single.

So after spending a lot less time with my guys in hopes of breaking things off (long story), I had some time to myself. It was during this time alone that this handsome muth#fuck% pops up and disturbs my damn peace.

He fit "my type" on paper and in person-perfectly. But what I realize now is that God sent him to test me, and only someone as fine as him would put me to the test. God wanted to see if I would overlook the red flags in order to satisfy my temporary pleasures. And I failed.

All other areas in my life are perfect right now. I'll just have to wait longer for that portion to come to fruition. I'll be ready with a clear mind and a healthy uterus in case we grow our family (sorry, that was TMI).

Give me until the beginning of next year (more like April) to get back on the dating scene. Right now, I prefer to only have male mentors that will help me get to my next level of building for my son and I.


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