Does she know that her Hubby is Slanging and Banging that thang around the city?

Alright now. People always say that you know when something is not right. That gut feeling, your intuition.

Girlfriends always know.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve received a message from a girlfriend about her guy.

Not sure about wives; unless they turn a blind eye.

I’ve only received one email from a new wife who later annulled her marriage because she said he cheated on her with me. Unfortunately, she was wrong. Not sure what he told her, but him and I hadn’t seen each other in at least 3 years. If they were together during that time, I had no idea. And hell, that was the past. I would hope that he changed in the last three years and before he made the commitment to her.

This day and age with social media, cheating is so easy and it could be hidden. You have access to so much at the click of a button. These days guys will talk to your friends….their friends…and his friends, friend…all while being married. How is this possible in such a small city? Easy-he’s a master manipulator.

Then you look at their social media accounts and everything seems to be so normal. The wife is smiling and liking his pictures…and they are all happy in the family photos along with the dog that he claims to hate so much.

It’s so easy to fall for these guys and listen to the lies they tell because after all-divorce is so common. Men leave their wives and families every day for the other women.

If he tells you that he hates his situation-step back and allow him to handle that situation before becoming involved with him. Don’t be the reason he finally moves forward in initiating that divorce that she deserves.

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