Did you Just Scam me?

Alright now. I consider myself to be pretty smart and quick on my feet when it comes to being bamboozled. This guy I linked up with seemed to be cool.

He looked nice, dressed nice, smelled nice and had beautiful kids. He stay with the latest fashions so naturally we discussed fashion and he asked where I got certain designer items that I would wear.

I generally get my items straight from the store but I am not too good for an occasional booster. Well this guy claimed that he had the hookup.

He was trying to get on with me so he posed the offer as a hookup to me. I wanted the Christian Louboutin “So Kate” or the “Apostrophy Pointed Red Sole” Pump in black or neutral. Well he texted his “connect” to ask if he had the shoes..along with a few other items (Some Yeezy’s and some Gucci flip flops).

Of course the connect had them-he even sent pictures to my phone of what he had in stock. So dude says-if I get the Red Bottoms at $500, he would buy the other items for me. At the time, I was thinking it was a good deal and I went for it.

I met him to give him the money and was expecting my shoes later that day (I was at work). Later that day I get a call from him in a panic. Hey, some things went down and I’ll call you later.

In my head I’m like Oh Lord-something with my shoes. I just knew it! Grrr…My Aunty Oprah always say Doubt Means Don’t. But you know-I thought the hesitant feeling was coming from buying Hot items.

He calls me later stating he was leaving the police station (Eyes rolled in my head). I said well I hope everything is ok. He proceeded to say that someone broke into his car and took my shoes along with other items he had stored in his vehicle.

I am quiet. Because I’m trying to be apologetic for him Possibly being violated and at the same time pissed because my intuition is saying that he’s lying.

Well that was back in February. I never got my shoes or my money back although he told me he would replace the money.

If I have to ask for anything more than once that’s considered begging, right?

Well I brought it up recently after he bragged about getting a huge sum of unexpectant money and he told me that he would give me my money back asap. He also said that I was stingy because I only have one child and I’m worried about that chump change.

Oh really??! Yup-he went on to say that I didn’t want to see him to get ahead and he called me a hater.

The nerve. Let’s see if my money is ever returned.

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