Day One without a Good Morning Text-Thank God

I think people have the idea that just because you’re single, you are desperate, and you are required to be with them.

I’ve been told things like: You must be sure that people will accept you and your son like I did.

Or-you’re not getting any younger-it’s time to settle.

Or my favorite-you have it good, why would you want more.

The bottom line is-if I don’t want you….I don’t want you. You.Cannot.Force.Me…Let me be free and allow yourself to be open for the right one.

I can’t stress how important it is to have the right mindset.

This guy forced our “Friendship/Relationship” for 9 months and I finally let it go. He would wine and dine me, fly me places, do things for my son and I and tried his best to marry me. I told him three months in that I am not interested in anything more than a friendship.

I was not attracted to him and I tried so hard to be!

I gave it more chance a few months ago and nothing made me want him. There was something there that would not allow me to open up to him.

I later found out that he had multiple women in addition to me. I was not happy! You mean I’m trying to force my feelings in hopes of not hurting yours and you’re playing around? At that point I became a cold hearted b*tch. I said if you want to stay around, you will do what I say.

It was wasted time though. I collected some nice things but I felt that he was in the way of someone else deserving of my time and Vice Versa.

It was a matter of my mindset at the time. I felt that I needed him to help me financially.

Before him there was a another guy helping, before him another guy. This has been a habit for as long as I could remember. Especially after my Dad suddenly passed away-I always had someone. My Dad was that person while he was alive and honestly I expected it from the guys I would date.

I think the Non-attraction came from our age difference of 20+ years.

**You have to watch the older guys. Most of them date younger because they have more of a chance of mind control over someone much younger. It took me a while, but I caught on to his mind games and it made me angry. I became so mean to him which made me unhappy. I would never want to treat anyone bad because that's not the person I am. You also have to remember that Karma it is sure to come back to you and/or your family.

It’s been over a month and I haven’t seen him and I’ve been spinning him…you know-late text message replies, don’t answer the phone or call back..or setting a date to hang out and cancel on him. Just because I wanted him to get the hint and move on. Because I’ve tried unsuccessfully on 4 different occasions to tell him that this is not working out.

I dislike blocking people but that’s my next step if I get one more Good Morning text.

Go Free butterfly and find your mate as I continue to find myself.

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