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Best Places to Socialize in the City of Cincinnati

I’ve met the most progressive African American men -“Ballers,” Black Doctors (completing residency), current and retired athletes, young executives/ transplant (top level graduates that are sent here for work at one of our big corporations like P&G, Toyota, etc) and overall high net-worth Black men at OTR Live/Treehouse and MIXX (no longer in business) in Cincinnati, Ohio. I've met and carried on long term friendships and are Forever friends with at least four. Most of these guys seem to want more out of a relationship because they are focused on their careers and have less time to play. They still want a$s like most men (LOL)-but they tend to be a little more serious. These type of guys party at the places mentioned.

Some of the more flashy guys hang at Rusconi's on 6th Street on Fridays. This is a pizza place (Bomb pizza)....It's fun there... I just prefer my guys to be lame, quiet and not flashy.

I've met the most White & Indian Doctors (and more Ballers) at Scene across from the Aronoff Center. The black men that frequent here generally like white or other races.

White Male Sugar Daddies are in abundance at Jeff Ruby’s (Downtown) on Friday and Saturday.... and also Embers near Madeira/Kenwood on Wednesday for Happy Hour. These places are upscale restaurants but during happy hour they have live jazz and men come after work to unwind and catch up with colleagues. This is a great place to network. I've heard many business deals take least the talk of setting meetings for business deals.

I’ve met the most career/professional guys at Revel OTR Urban Winery (Check the online schedule for good dates-sometimes this place is a ghost town), BJ’s restaurant in Tri-County in the bar area if a good game is on. These guys tend to be entry level professionals and/or new to the city, looking for new places to go.

I've met Pilots and Flight Attendants in the airport of course at or near the pilot’s lounge and Lunken Airport in the summer. You're lucky if you come across an African American pilot-you only meet them by chance. Actually, I met my black pilot friend online. They tend to be super focused on their career and/or already married.

Poker players-The casino-duh. Go to the bar in the middle-from experience, they seem to watch that area. These guys are ok if they don't lose often. They spend long hours at the casino but tend to be generous.

I love for my dates to take me to Coppington’s (inside of Hotel Covington), Top Golf, All of Jeff Ruby’s restaurants-they have the best steak-No other steak houses in Cincinnati compares, Boca, Aster on Fourth but these are also great places to socialize with friends.

I hang with the girls (and/or my guy friends) for a weekend recap or just to hang out and talk at Righteous Room (Happy Hour), Lou Vino, Sotto, UnWind Bar, E & O Kitchen, Taste of Belgium, Fridays at the bar (especially for drinks).

I send my guy co-workers (All nationalities) to Kickbacks on Vine Street for Happy Hour.

Good places for Group Dates-Ichiban in Mt. Lookout on a late night.

Best authentic Indian-New Kirschna in Sharonville.

Best Authentic Mexican – Mi Terra in Tri-County.

Ok, I guess we do have things to do in Cincinnati!

In the end-we meet people everywhere but we generally ATTRACT what we are.

Many Blessings


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that is a lovley ring u have with the yellow dress. Fly

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