• I LOVE Kiwi Crate for my son because it makes STEAM accessible, engaging, and fun.


    I want to inspire my son to see himself as a scientist, an artist, creator, and maker.

    This is monthly subscription and your child will receive a new project each month.






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    Kiwi Crate
  • KIDBOX is the first kids’ personalized style box that provides parents with a convenient way to dress kids in cool brands at significant savings — KIDBOX offers Baby boxes for sizes 0-24 months and kids 3-12. KIDBOXES contain 6-7 styles, (Baby boxes contain 3-4 styles) and 1-2 non-apparel items.

    Once your box is delivered, you have seven days to decide what you would like to keep, return, or exchange before you are charged. You can try your styles on at home, keep what you like, exchange any items that don’t fit or return them.  Shipping is always on us.

    For every box kept, the company clothe a child in need. 

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  • Finding a place with several activities for kids is crucial. The places above should keep you busy.

    #TopGolf #ParkysFarm #CarewTower 

    Main Event, 
    Top Golf, Sky Zone, Full Throttle, Dave & Busters, Cincinnati Fire Museum, Winton Woods Park, Parky's Farm, Carew Tower Observation Deck
  • Life becomes crazy busy at times and I make sure not to lose site of the important things. My son is an A student and at his age, I must be involved in order to keep it that way!

    I created a list of after school chores for my son and I to review Monday-Friday. 

    This list is connected to his bi-weekly allowance and must be completed prior to playing video games.

    Google "Chore Charts" and customize a list that suit your needs.

    After School List
  • Lunken Airport offers personal rides for up to 4 people.

    Check with the current companies at Lunken Airport for times and rates.

    Be sure to check Groupon first for any special deals. 

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    Helicopter Rides